Safety Projects and Campaigns

Keren Yosef organises and funds many safety projects and campaigns for the benefit of the community.


Ambulette Service

Making your way around Bet Shemesh and RBS you can't fail to notice the distinctive turquoise and white colours of the Keren Yosef / Ezrat Achim ambulettes. The third member of this "chessed on wheels" fleet was unveiled recently in a special dedication ceremony as part of an evening held in memory of Keren Yosef founder, Doris Mainzer z"l... ...At the ceremonial ribbon cutting and unveiling of the ambulette, Rav David Spektor, Rav of Givat Sharet ruled that Rav Avraham Kopp of the Bet Shemesh Ezrat Achim Organisation which operates the vehicles should recite the bracha of "Hatov vehamitiv". Its not difficult to understand why - this is clearly a vehicle which will be doing so much good for so many people. The elderly, the sick, chemotherapy and dialysis patients and more. It has full access and lock-in positions for wheelchairs and with its two older siblings operates a three times daily shuttle service to and from Jerusalem hospitals for a nominal fee. Many passengers describe the service as a "life saver". The ambulettes are also used for rides for special medical cases and for a whole plethora of chesed activities in Bet Shemesh and beyond. "The existing two ambulettes just weren't able to cope with the demand" explained Gina Kirsch, Chair of Keren Yosef and daughter of Doris Mainzer z"l "and its very exciting to see the new one on the streets - we're truly privileged to able to continue, with Hashem's help, the wonderful work of my dear mother, a"h, for the benefit of all in Bet Shemesh".



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The Burnshield Initiative

The "Burnshield Initiative" was launched in conjunction with Hatzola and the municipality, providing a special kit for effective on- the-scene burns treatment. Burnshield dressings contain the specially formulated Hydrogel which is non toxic and non irritant. The dressings have the tremendous ability to absorb and dissipate heat from the burn, providing relief, minimising shock and skin damage, halting the burn process and physically protecting against further contamination. These special bandages have been distributed to first responders and strategically placed at different homes in Bet Shemesh / RBS. All members of the public are encouraged to keep some at home – contact us to purchase.

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Refresher CD for the EMT

The Refresher CD for the EMT is the product of a joint effort by Keren Yosef and Magen David Adom. This unique CD contains a digital summary of the contents of the Emergency Medical Technician course as taught by Magen David Adom. Its purpose is to assist emergency medical personnel to update and refresh their knowledge. The Refresher CD was distributed in over 4000 copies to volunteer EMTs by Magen David Adom Volunteer headquarters (MAPA). In this interactive CD, various methods are used to teach and illustrate, including textual content, realisic photographs, videoclips, animations and self-test questions, in a practical and interesting way. The topics covered include CPR, medical emergencies, trauma, childbirth, enviromental emergencies, and more. The medical contents were closely checked and edited by various professionals headed by Dan Pharchi, Supervising Paramedic of Jerusalem District. A great amound of effort, volunteering, cooperation and teamwork was put into this project and helped put together this complex project. As the EMTs state, there was a great need for this kind of material to be distributed and made avialable to the volunteers, allowing volunteer EMTs to make use of it in his/her free time. The refresher Cd is a great opportunity for any EMT to improve his/her skills and improve their ability to save more lives. This project was written and edited by Tova Cern and managed by Boaz Cern.


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Lema’an Yaldeinu - "For our children” safety education seminars and program

Keren Yosef donates emergency medical and first aid equipment to EMTs and to different locations in the area and beyond. Several years ago Keren Yosef was approached by many First Responders, requesting to be supplied with “Burnshields". On investigating the situation, it was discovered that there were many accidental burns and other injuries. We also learned that due to various circumstances, many parents were not exposed to home safety and street safety education. As part of our life saving and first aid agenda, Keren Yosef decided to help improve the situation - by arranging Safety Education Seminars for parents., and organizing school programmes.

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Bicycle Helmets

On-going project educating children and their parents why they must wear a helmet while cycling


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lag bomer project

Lag B'Omer Fire Safety

A special brochure for kids brought out in conjuction with Ezrat Achim, schools campaign, quizzes and raffle – all led to a dramatic drop in fire related injuries on Lag B'Omer this year and last.

Click here to view our latest new and updated Lag B'Omer brochure for kids

fire safety

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road safety

Road Safety

On-going campaign working with the local schools in this most crucial of areas.

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beware of snakes

Beware of Snakes

Leaflet and fridge magnets "what to do if" campaign. Several reports of "I called the snake-catcher just in time thanks to the fridge magnet…"



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Purim Anti-Caps and Fire Crackers

A major campaign against playing with caps, bangers and fire crackers before Purim together with "Ezrat Achim" involving newspaper adverts, youtube presentation, signs on all the main streets and going into schools led to a massive reduction in related injuries this year.

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